Health officials in Pennsylvania

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wholesale nfl jerseys Pennsylvania health officials are "concerned" about the potential for a heroin fueled HIV crisis here after an outbreak in rural Indiana last year. (AP file photo)It is a public health crisis fueled by widespread IV drug use and a lack of resources in the insulated and impoverished community roughly 40 minutes north of Louisville, Ky., experts say.Health officials in Pennsylvania, which is experiencing the same epidemic of opiate and opioid abuse, were quick to take notice and now say they fear something similar could happen here.Since 1980, IV drug use accounted for 15,000 HIV cases or roughly 26 percent of Pennsylvania overall total, the second most prevalent cause in the state.In 2014, the most recent year for which data is available, IV drug use accounted for 5 percent of Pennsylvania 1,210 new HIV cases, the third biggest cause that year.The number is down from 7 percent in 2012 and 6 percent in 2013.But the continued growth of drug use and limited access to clean needles in the most rural corners of the state means related concerns have not diminished.This as hepatitis C infections related to the rise in heroin and injection drug use grewby 150 percentfrom 2010 to 2013, nationwide."I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth and I wasn expected to get AIDS.""We definitely are concerned about the possibility of HIV transmission in the setting of increased heroin use," said Loren Robinson, deputy secretary for health promotion and disease prevention with the Pennsylvania Department of Health."I think a needle exchange is a public health practice that has been shown to reduce HIV and the Department of Health is in the process of looking at how we can approximate something like that in Pennsylvania."The following map shows AIDS deaths per 100,000 population for Pennsylvania counties between 1990 and 2013. The darker a county, the higher the death rate. wholesale nfl jerseys

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