To treat diversity, equity, and inclusion work (DEI)

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wholesale jerseys What do we do when work requires so much more? How do we actualize and operationalize the intentions of anti racism, so that they don ring hollow when it comes to our actual actions in the workplace?The reality is that the work of increasing and embedding a culture of diversity, inclusion, and equitable practice in the workplace is so much more than a checklist. To treat diversity, equity, and inclusion work (DEI) as a to do list with a finite start and finish will only result in the stunted growth of the very culture you are hoping to manifest. It is not sustainable, and there are better ways to address equity so that it not only sounds but is authentic.Corporate leaders who are ready to pursue the true work of DEI need to be able to answer five key questions for their employees:How will this impact leadership decisions?How are we expected to implement this into our daily work functions?How will it impact our mission and vision?How will my manager uphold these values in our day to day interactions?How will we codify all of this work that we say is so important to us?If you are looking at this list and feeling overwhelmed, take a breath.The glue to the change that you are seeking begins with a simple word: capacity. wholesale jerseys

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