The Most Accurate Call Centre Planner and Forecaster In The World


At Orderly Telecoms we understand just how tricky planning your staffing rota can be.

With legacy queue systems, a balance must be struck between key performance indicators like answer rate and service level, and the need to keep costs reasonable. Peaks and troughs mean a law of diminishing returns on adding extra staff as you get towards 100% answer rate, which makes answering all callers prohibitively expensive for the majority of businesses.

Our OrderlyQ traffic shaper fully solves this problem, taking you to 99.9% answer rate with the staff you already have. For call centres that don't yet have OrderlyQ we provide the OrderlyC staff planner and forecaster so that you can accurately work out the staff you need to fulfil your performance requirements. The OrderlyC workforce planner provides up to four times more accurate predictions than Erlang C or even Erlang A (see full study) - indeed we understand that OrderlyC is the most accurate call centre planning and forecasting tool in the world.

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